Cast of BoB!

Bob: Main character and the first of his type created by Doctor Fang...the story chronicles his trials and tribulations across the chaotic landscape.

Sid: Doctor Fang's second creation and Bob's whacky brother...prone to violence and weirdness,but he usally means well.

Sarah Swirl(aka Swirly): A girl who found Bob shortly after his escape from Dr Fang's Bob's roommate and unnoffical sidekick.

Samual F.(aka Happy Sam): Very little is known about the mysterous Happy Sam other then he is a mercenary currently under the employ of Jonathon Fortez.

Doctor Roberto Fang: The half man half machine who created Bob and the rest of his brothers...a twisted mad scientist with a robot army at his command...his laser sights set on world domination.

Mister Jonathon Fortez: founder and ceo of Fortez Industries...a very rich and powerful man.

Mr Boo and JAKE:filler...but we love them anyways...

Flea: Mr Fortez's assistant and small bug mutant.

Emma: Mr Fortez's receptionist and Flea's twin sister.

Lieutenant William Drezden:an Officer in the army...he seemed to know something about Sam's past but was killed before he could shed any light on the subject.

El Diablos: ruthless leader of a gang of murderous thugs...Bob put a bullet in his head during a duel at the town of Broomhandle.

EasyKillX:a skillful and deadly assassin.

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